Protecting the Rights of Humans, Animals, and the Environment.

Specializing in civil rights, food policy, animal law and civil litigation.




Civil Rights

Evans & Page has decades of experience in protecting the civil rights of individuals and organizations. These types of cases range from representing the families of deceased victims of law enforcement’s lethal use of force, to securing and protecting free speech rights. We are viewed as experts in the California Public Records Act, and even successfully represented inmates in the California penal system in order to protect their basic Constitutional rights.


Animal Protection

A recognized leader and advocate for animals, Evans & Page litigates in federal and state courts, as well as at the administrate hearing level, to vindicate the rights of animals and protect them from suffering. Starting twenty years ago, when Evans & Page litigated the first California foie gras action, we have a proven record of challenging government agencies, private corporations, and individuals when animals need assistance.

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Food Policy

Our office has over two decades of experience in litigating Food Policy cases, which include food production, access, and marketing. Food Policy does not only impact consumers in the store, but includes captive audiences such as schoolchildren and prison inmates. Our office has litigated food production cases involving abusive and unsanitary animal management practices, as well as consumer protection cases when the truth is not being told on the label. 


Civil Litigation / Appellate Practice

Our office prides itself on relationship building through clear client communication and superior representation.  Most of our clientele are return clients that remain with our practice as they face different legal challenges over the years. As a result, Evans & Page handles a variety of civil litigation matters, including business contract disputes, trusts and estates contests, personal injury compensation, pet custody disputes, etc. As dedicated client advocates, we follow our cases through the entire legal process and are constantly involved in appellate practice, having secured published appellate decisions that set the law in California.


Administrative Law

Most challenges to public agency action are litigated under different federal, state and local (city/county) procedures than lawsuits against private entities/individuals.  This area of law is known as "administrative law" and Evans & Page has been engaging in administrative litigation for decades.  From ground-breaking complex federal challenges to agency action, to the straightforward local administrative challenges involved in dangerous dog designations, Evans & Page has the experience, track record and dedication to advocate for you.


About Our Firm

Evans & Page was founded by Corey Page and Geneva Page in 2003. Our portfolio of cases displays the spectrum of legal approaches and issues involved in transparency of public agency decision-making, improving the lives of animals, protecting the environment, and advocating for the rights of citizenry.  Put our two decades of litigation experience on your side of the table.

Evans & Page attorneys are admitted to practice law in: All California State Courts, The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, All Federal District Courts in California: Northern, Eastern, Central, & Southern.

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Providing boutique legal attention to the public interest community, as a partner and advocate.


Our Attorneys


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